Screensaver pictures with a resolution of 1080x2280 pixels (selection №4)

Splash screen pictures 1080x2280 pixels (set #4)

We are pleased to offer you a new collection of high-quality wallpapers optimized for smartphone screens with a resolution of 1080x2280 pixels. This assembly comprises a wide range of images, including cityscapes, stunning sunset views, captivating mountain landscapes, and vivid photos of both classic and modern cars. Additionally, there are wallpapers featuring pets such as an adorable pug, as well as images showcasing the grandeur of natural scenery such as rocks and vast expanses of nature.

These wallpapers have been optimized for screens with an aspect ratio of 19:9 or Full HD Plus displays. To download your preferred wallpaper, you can access our server directly or utilize our cloud storage service, both of which are free of charge.

Resolution: 1080x2280 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 35 pcs

Splash screen images 1080x2280 pixels (collection #4)

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35 pieces

vertical wallpaper for phone with 19:9 display (Full HD+)
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If you don't like some 1080x2280 pictures or you want certain topics to appear in our collections, write it in the comments. We will definitely make corrections in the next releases of Full HD+ screensavers for phones