Mobile Wallpaper 1080x2160px (Collect #6)

Now it's time for a fresh 1080x2160 pixel wallpaper. We have prepared 35 new mobile pictures with 18:9 ratio that you can set as wallpaper or screensaver. Each time, our team selects more and more high-quality and beautiful wallpapers. This time, you will see photos of cityscapes from a bird's eye view, sports cars, pictures of nature, animals (for example, a cute rabbit), flowers and other drawings.

Resolution: 1080x2160 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 35 pcs

FullHD+ Pictures (18x9) 1080x2160px (Set #5)

Mobile gadgets and phones with an aspect ratio of 18 by 9 are becoming more popular and are most often used in Android smartphones. You have selected for the owners of such devices a fresh selection with FullHD+ pictures, the size of which is 1080x2160 pixels. In this new collection you will find wallpapers with car themes, puppies, beautiful photos of flowers, mountain scenery and other interesting screensavers.

Resolution: 1080x2160 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 42 pcs

Beautiful FullHD+ wallpapers 1080x2160 pixels (collection #4)

A new collection of colorful 1080x2160 pixel wallpapers for smartphones with FullHD+ displays. All provided pictures in this collection have an aspect ratio of 2:1, which is typical for new frameless phones. On this page, download beautiful wallpapers with landscapes, abstractions, animals, nature, or auto-themed screensavers.

Resolution: 1080x2160 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 45 pcs

FullHD+ (1080x2160) Vertical Pictures for Phone (selection №3)

Have a new collection of FullHD+ or 1080x2160 pixel images. These wallpapers are suitable for the so-called "frameless" displays that have an aspect ratio of 18:9. This third assembly contains screensavers with sports cars, beautiful nature, cute animals, famous girls and other topics. Although there are only 30 pictures in the selection, they are all of high quality. You can download them via a direct link and individually.

Resolution: 1080x2160 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 30 pcs

Wallpaper resolution 1080x2160 pixels (selection #2)

For phones with high screens (2:1 or 18:9 ratio), here you can download high-quality and fresh FullHD+ wallpapers with a resolution of 1080x2160 pixels. We tried to pick up vertical pictures that would look great both on the lock screen and on the phone's desktop. As always, in the collection of intros you will find classic themes for our portal: cars, nature, animals, city landscapes.

Resolution: 1080x2160 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 25 pcs

1080x2160 Full HD+ Screensaver Pictures (Collection #1)

This Collection of Full HD+ images is for modern phones with a 1080x2160 pixel screen (18:9 aspect ratio). This collection of wallpapers can be downloaded for your phone via a direct link. Here you will find 20 screensavers with beautiful nature, girls, cars, cats, architectural landscapes or other backgrounds. Choose what you like best and install fresh pictures on your smartphone.

Resolution: 1080x2160 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 20 pcs