Wallpapers with a ratio of 19:9 and size of 1080x2280 (selection №3)

19:9 1080x2280 pixel wallpaper (collection #3)

Refresh your mobile phone with new colorful 1080x2280 pixel wallpapers. These pictures are ideal for displays with a ratio of 19:9 or even 20:9. This collection of screensavers was selected by the editors of our portal, which included several popular topics: nature, landscapes and mountains, sports cars, celebrities and girls. Selection number 3 is available for download completely free of charge, both as an archive and as wallpaper separately.

Resolution: 1080x2280 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 20 pcs

19:9 1080x2280 pixel wallpaper (collection #3)

Archive format:
Number of wallpapers:
20 pieces

vertical screensavers wallpapers for phones with 19:9 display (Full HD+)
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Piece download from the cloud or the zip archive of the FullHD+ collection
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If you don't like some of the 1080x2280 pictures or if you want certain topics to appear in our collections, write it in the comments. We will definitely make changes in the next releases of assemblies of Full HD+ screensavers on your phone

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