New pictures 240x320 pixels for mobile (selection No. 27)

It's time for new wallpapers for mobile phones with a screen of 240x320 pixels. This year 2024 is the first collection of pictures with this size. We have prepared 36 beautiful photos that will decorate your phone's display. Here you can see and download screensavers with beautiful landscapes, new sports cars, famous places.

Resolution: 240x320 | Ratio: 4:3 | Number of wallpapers: 36 pcs.

Wallpapers 240x320 for small screen phones (collection #26)

Do you use a small feature phone in your life? If yes, this collection of new pictures with a resolution of 240x320 pixels is just for you! Here we have selected a variety of wallpapers that are perfect for a small cell phone screen. On this page of our site, you can download 32 pictures

Resolution: 240x320 | Ratio: 4:3 | Number of pictures: 32 pcs

Colorful pictures 240x320 pixels for cell phones (collection #25)

Looking for great pictures for your cell phone to set as your new screensaver? You've come to the right place! We regularly select colorful wallpapers for phones with a screen size of 240x320 pixels. Different themes that are perfect for your mobile. All pictures, you can download one by one directly from this page to your mobile phone.

Resolution: 240x320 | Ratio: 4:3 | Number of pictures: 30 pcs

240x320 pixels wallpaper for phone screen (collection #24)

Time is running fast and we have prepared the next collection of new 240x320 pixel wallpapers that will decorate your phone screen. The size of the selected 68 pictures is suitable only for push-button phones. In this collection you will see photos with beautiful nature, white bears, landscapes with sunset, backgrounds with a motorcycle, sports cars, sunflowers, splash screens with waves and sea shores. You can download these good wallpapers 240 and 320 one by one or download all at once in one archive.

Resolution: 240x320 | Aspect ratio: 4:3 | Quantity: 68 pcs

Pictures 240x320 pixels for a push-button phone (set #23)

And although it is already 2023 and technology has taken a long step forward, push-button cellular phone remain relevant. For lovers of the classics, we offer a selection of new pictures with a resolution of 240x320 pixels. With this wallpaper, you can give a fresher look to your "dialer" by setting these images as your screensaver. In the assembly you will find photos of large cities, beautiful landscapes of the sea or mountains, cute animals and a modern car.

Resolution: 240x320 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 60 pcs

Fresh wallpapers 240x320 pixels (collection #22)

Are you searching for a source to download visually appealing and impressive pictures for your cellphone? We present to you a fresh compilation of wallpapers, sized at 240x320 pixels, which is the most common screen resolution for mobile phones. The preview displays a range of backgrounds including cats, natural scenery, stunning landscapes, starry skies, and of course, impressive vehicles.

Resolution: 240x320 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 65 pcs

Free 240x320 wallpapers for mobile phones (collection #21)

On our site you can download free 240x320 pictures for your mobile phone. This is the twenty-first selection of screensavers where you can choose wallpapers with abstractions, cars, photos of beautiful nature and landscapes, night starry sky and space photos, anime, animals (cats, dogs, tigers) and other topics.

Resolution: 240x320 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 75 pcs

Wallpaper 240x320 for mobile phone screensaver (collection #20)

Need an interesting and fresh 240x320 pixel wallpaper for your keypad mobile phone? Then we suggest downloading a new selection of beautiful pictures with this resolution (240 by 320). In the selection, we have collected 70 screensavers of various popular topics: landscapes and nature, cats and dogs, cars, celebrities, girls, anime and others.

Resolution: 240x320 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 70 pcs

New 240x320 wallpapers for phones (collection #19)

We invite you to download a new selection of pictures (number 19) for a phone with a screen resolution of 240x320 pixels. In this part, you can choose for yourself a new screensaver from such categories and topics: nature, cats, cars, beautiful landscapes and cities, celebrities, funny pictures and girls. All wallpapers can be downloaded in one archive or downloaded separately from the cloud storage.

Resolution: 240x320 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 65 pcs

New wallpaper collection for 240x320px screen #18

The 18th selection of bright and fresh wallpapers for 240x320 pixel phones is available for download. Here you can download pictures of different subjects, such as pictures of nature, beautiful cars, animals, cats, girls and others. Choose the picture you like the most and set it as a screensaver in your phone to refresh your mobile gadget.

Resolution: 240x320 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 45 pcs