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Need fresh and beautiful pictures for your phone (Android or iPhone)? Download wallpapers and images of different sizes in good quality from our website for free. On this page, you can follow the new arrivals in 2023 of popular high-quality pictures, such as cars, nature, beautiful landscapes, space, sky, sea, beautiful cities, cute animals and many other interesting topics for a vertical screensaver on your mobile phone.

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Chamomile - gentle 4K wallpaper for smartphone (1440x2880)

One of the most popular flowers is the common chamomile. For this reason, we have decided to add to our collection a new selection of 4K wallpapers for mobile phones. Give your smartphone coziness and tenderness with the help of beautiful chamomile photos. Here you can download these pictures completely free of charge and in high quality.

Resolution: 1440x2880 | Ratio: 2:1 | Number of pictures: 24 pcs

Oppenheimer - cool pictures from 2023 movie (1080x2400)

Oppenheimer became one of the most high-profile premieres of films. This is a biopic about an American physicist who developed the first nuclear weapon. In honor of this, we have prepared a new selection of cool Full HD pictures for smartphones. To do this, select the wallpaper you like and download it to your mobile device.

Resolution: 1080x2400 | Ratio: 20:9 | Number of wallpapers: 23 pcs

Cabriolet - vertical HD wallpaper for phone (720x1600)

Do you like to ride like a breeze? A convertible sports car is the ideal solution for this. To convey the atmosphere of such a trip, we offer you to download our new selection of vertical HD wallpapers for your phone with a screen resolution of 720x1600 pixels. Here you can choose one of 28 pictures with photos of modern convertibles.

Resolution: 720x1600 | Ratio: 20:9 | Number of pictures: 28 pcs

Beach by the sea - summer 4K pictures for mobile (1440x2880)

Have you been off for a long time? If this is not possible, we suggest transferring the sea to your mobile phone. In this selection, you can select and download high-quality 4K pictures of a beach by the sea. pictures are 1440x2880 pixels, which is the current 4K standard for mobile devices.

Resolution: 1440x2880 | Ratio: 2:1 | Number of wallpapers: 28 pcs

Tom Cruise - Actor Wallpaper for Full HD Phone (1080x2400)

Our next selection of Full HD wallpapers is dedicated to the legendary actor - Tom Cruise. These cool pictures are offered for download with a size of 1080x2400 pixels. If you like this actor, these mobile screensavers will let you plunge into the world of action and drama. Download for free and install your favorite actor on your phone.

Resolution: 1080x2400 | Ratio: 20:9 | Number of pictures: 24 pcs

Jungle - Green HD Pictures for Smartphone (720x1600)

Want to give your smartphone some refreshing green hues? It is proposed to download a new selection with HD pictures of dense and impenetrable jungle. Each screen saver will take you to the heart of the forests and allow you to enjoy the picturesque landscapes and exotic flora and fauna. All pictures are presented with HD resolution, namely 720x1600 pixels.

Resolution: 720x1600 | Ratio: 20:9 | Number of wallpapers: 26 pcs

Cactus - beautiful 4K cactus wallpaper for smartphone (1440x2880)

We have prepared a cool selection of high quality 4K wallpapers for your mobile smartphone. All pictures on this page have a resolution of 1440x2880 pixels. These images of cacti will take you to the world of harsh beauty. Download these 4K wallpapers and set your lock screen to add a touch of greenery.

Resolution: 1440x2880 | Ratio: 2:1 | Number of pictures: 24 pcs

Hummer EV (GMC) - high-quality images for smartphones (1080x2400)

We invite you to download our new selection of Full HD images for your smartphone, which is dedicated to the Hummer EV electric SUV from GMC. These pictures are provided with a resolution of 1080x2400 pixels. Choose one of 17 photos, download to your phone and set it as your wallpaper.

Resolution: 1080x2400 | Ratio: 20:9 | Number of wallpapers: 17 pcs

Barbie Movie 2023 - HD Screensaver Wallpaper (720x16) 00)

Immerse yourself in the world of dolls with our new selection of HD wallpapers for your phone, dedicated to the hit 2023 movie, Barbie. All pictures are 720x1600 pixels and represent the unique fashion aesthetic of Barbie's pink world. All HD wallpapers can be downloaded directly to your smartphone absolutely free. Create a unique mood on your mobile phone.

Resolution: 720x1600 | Ratio: 20:9 | Number of pictures: 15 pcs

Lamborghini Revuelto - 4K Pictures for Phone (1440x2880)

Welcome to the world of luxury and speed with our fresh selection of 4K images for your smartphone, the latest Lamborghini Revuelto supercar. This wallpaper with a resolution of 1440x2880 pixels will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the power and grace of this magnificent car. Each screensaver conveys the spirit and unique style of Lamborghini. To do this, select one of the 21 pictures, download and install it on your phone's desktop.

Resolution: 1440x2880 | Ratio: 2:1 | Number of wallpapers: 21 pcs