website privacy policy and terms of use

  1. Collection and use of technical information to personalize materials and advertising:

    • Our website ( may collect technical information such as device type, screen resolution and operating system version. This information is used solely to personalize content and advertising on the site, providing users with a more personalized experience.
  2. Use of cookies and other tracking technologies:

    • Our website may use cookies and other similar tracking technologies to improve functionality and ease of use. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user's device and allow it to be identified and collect information about its interaction with the site. This information helps us analyze site usage, improve site functionality and provide users with a more personalized experience. By using our site, you consent to the use of cookies and other tracking technologies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You can manage your cookie preferences through your web browser settings.
  3. Distribution of general technical information to third parties (Adsense program):

    • We may share general technical information with advertisers through Adsense. This information does not contain personal data of users and is used to display contextual advertising aimed at a wide audience.
  4. User rights to delete personal information:

    • Users have the right to contact our site administrators to request the removal of any technical information related to their identity. Our administrators take all necessary measures to immediately and completely delete such information, ensuring the confidentiality and security of user data.
  5. Use of materials from open sources:

    • This site uses only materials obtained from open sources or materials for which there are appropriate licenses or permissions for use. If you believe that any material infringes copyright or is being misused, please notify the site administrators and we will immediately take action to resolve the matter in accordance with applicable laws and requirements.
  6. Rights of material owners:

    • If the site contains materials that are the property of third parties, and you are the owner of such material, you have the right to contact the site administrators with a request to remove the relevant materials. We take great care to comply with such requests and respect copyright laws. Please note that any corrections or deletions of materials will be made in accordance with applicable laws and procedures.
  7. Retention of technical information:

    • Technical information about visitors, including data obtained through cookies and other tracking technologies, may be transferred to and stored on the advertiser's Google AdSense server. In addition, technical information is also stored on the server of the site owner in Ukraine in an encrypted form. The storage of such information on the website owner's server lasts for 1 month. These measures ensure the necessary level of security and confidentiality of visitor data. Your use of the site signifies your agreement to these technical information retention terms.
  8. User's responsibility for accepting the terms:

    • By acknowledging and accepting the terms of this privacy policy, the user understands and agrees that he is responsible for any use of the technical information provided that may occur by third parties or advertisers. The site and its administrators are not responsible for the consequences or damage that may arise as a result of such information. The user must be aware of the risks and responsibilities for his actions in the context of the information provided.