Pictures 480x854 pixels for screensaver of the phone (selection №21)

480x854 pixel pictures for phone screensaver (collection #21)

We have put together a new collection of 44 high-quality images specially tailored for smartphones with screens that measure 480 by 854 pixels. As with our previous collections, this one includes a range of themes, such as stunning nature landscapes, floral compositions, wallpapers featuring cars and motorcycles, as well as various abstract backgrounds that make great screensavers.

Resolution: 480x854 | Ratio: 16:9 | Quantity: 44 pcs

480x854 pixel phone wallpaper pictures (collection #21)

Pick the ones that resonate with you and give your phone a fresh new look. All of the selected images have a resolution of 480x854 pixels, and you can download them individually or all at once as a single archive.

Archive format:
Number of backgrounds:
44 pieces

screensaver for phones (including Lumia models)
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single-piece download from the cloud or zip archive of an entire selection
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If the collection of pictures for the screensaver on the screen 480x854 (in this case, No. 21) is not available or the file hosting link is not working - write a comment with your contacts, we will send a link to the collection. We will be grateful if you leave a comment or a wish for the wallpapers in this collection!