Pictures 480x854 pixel for smartphone (selection №19)

480x854 pixel images for smartphones (collection #19)

Behold, we bring forth the nineteenth compilation of diverse wallpapers designed for smartphones equipped with a 480x854 pixel screen. If thy quest involves seeking a novel lock screen backdrop, look no further for thou hast arrived at the appropriate destination. Within each assembly, we curate a fresh array of images, spanning a spectrum of themes, such as automobiles, peculiar landscapes, architectural marvels, abstract designs, fruits, and mountains. These captivating screensavers, adorned with a dimension of 480x854, can be procured via a direct link encompassed within a consolidated archive or alternatively, individually, from cloud storage.

Resolution: 480x854 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 50 pcs

480x854 pixel images for smartphones (collection #19)

Archive format:
Number of pictures:
50 pieces

screensaver for smartphones (also Nokia Lumia models)
Download type
single-piece download from the cloud or a zip archive of an entire collection
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