Part of wallpapers sized 480x854 pixels for a smartphone №16

480x854 pixel wallpaper selection for smartphone

We have prepared the following free selection of new wallpapers for smartphones with a screen of 480x854 pixels. Here you have collected pictures with nature, animals (cats and not only), cars, beautiful cities, various abstractions and textures. You can upload an archive with wallpapers in one file or download pictures one by one from the cloud service in original quality.

Resolution: 480x854 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 45 pcs

480x854 pixel wallpaper selection for smartphone

Archive format:
Number of wallpapers:
45 pieces

screensaver for smartphones (including Lumia models)
Upload Type
single-piece download from the cloud or zip archive of an entire collection
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If the selection of wallpapers for the screen saver 480x854 (in this case, No. 16) is not available or the file sharing link is not working - write a comment with your e-mail or other contacts, we will update the links and send them to your mail. Thank you!

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