Quality wallpapers 480x854 pixels in size (collection №6)

Quality wallpapers 480x854 pixels (collection #6)

We have prepared a new selection of amazing pictures for phones with screen 480 x 854 pixel. In it you can find 75 beautiful and high quality wallpapers that can be set as a wallpaper on your desktop or lock screen. But first, go to the download page, and download the archive of bright images for free without registration.

Resolution: 480x854 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 75 pcs

Quality 480x854 pixel wallpapers (collection #6)


Wallpapers of this collection are prepared exclusively for smartphones with a screen size of 480x854 pixels. If you have a device with a different resolution, go to "Pictures" and select your size.
  • Archive format: *.rar
  • Image format: *.jpg
  • Number of images in the selection: 75 pieces
  • Compatibility: all phones with 480x854 screen resolution


We will be grateful if you leave us a wish or feedback on the pictures in this collection!

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