Fresh wallpapers in size 240x400 pixels (selection №16)

Fresh wallpapers 240x400px (collection #16)

A new collection of fresh and beautiful 240x400 px wallpapers that you can download on this page for free. If you have a phone or smartphone with such a resolution of 240x400, this is the choice for you, as we tried to find pictures from different categories and for different tastes. For example, in this assembly, you can choose a new splash screen from the following topics: cars, sports cars, animals (especially cats), landscapes, flowers, cartoon characters, girls, etc. Please note that it is possible to download each wallpaper separately.

Resolution: 240x400 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 50 pcs

Fresh wallpapers 240x400px (collection #16)

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Number of splash screens:
50 pieces

screensaver for mobile phones
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direct link to the archive or download by the piece from the cloud storage
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If you like this assembly or want to leave wishes for the selection of pictures for the next selection of wallpapers 240x400 - write about it in the comments. We will be very grateful, as we want to improve the service for choosing pictures and wallpapers for your phone screensaver.