Selection of pictures sized 240x400 pixels №9

picture selection 240x400px #9

For owners of mobile phones with a screen resolution of 240 by 400 pixels, we present the ninth selection of pictures on different topics. Download the wallpaper archive from our portal, choose the image you like the most and update your screensaver on your phone.

Resolution: 240x400 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 75 pcs

picture selection 240x400px #9

As always, we have collected pictures from the following categories: cars, beautiful landscapes, nature, various animals, objects, abstractions, etc.

  • Archive format: *.zip
  • Wallpaper format: *.jpg
  • Number of images in the selection: 75 pieces
  • Compatibility: all phones with 240x400 screen resolution
  • Download: direct link from our server

Download wallpaper 240x400 (3.95 Mb)

Download images 240x400