Wallpaper 240x400 pixels on a different theme №8

Wallpapers 240x400 pixels on different themes #8

It's time to update your 240px by 400px splash screens with the latest ones. Download a new selection of wallpapers from our site, where you will find pictures of different categories and themes, such as cars, nature, various objects, animals, abstractions and others.

Resolution: 240x400 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 80 pcs

Wallpapers 240x400 pixels on various topics #8

If your smartphone screen is larger than 240x400, go to the "Pictures" section of our site and select the desired resolution.

  • Archive format: *.zip
  • Image format: *.jpg
  • Number of images in the selection: 80 pieces
  • Compatibility: all phones with 240x400 screen resolution
  • Download: direct link from our server

Download pictures 240x400 (4.54 Mb)

Download images 240x400