Pictures 240x320 pixels for a cellular phone (selection №23)

Pictures 240x320 pixels for a push-button phone (set #23)

Although we have reached 2023 and technology has progressed significantly, push-button mobile phones still hold relevance. For those who appreciate the classics, we present a new selection of pictures in 240x320 pixels resolution. These wallpapers are ideal for freshening up your dialer's screensaver. The collection features images of sprawling cities, picturesque landscapes of mountains and seas, adorable animals, unique textures, abstract art, and modern automobiles. You can download these wallpapers for free from our portal via a direct link.

Resolution: 240x320 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 60 pcs

Pictures 240x320 pixels for a push-button phone (set #23)

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60 pieces

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If you liked the selection or you want to leave wishes for the selection of pictures for the next assembly of 240x320 pictures, write about it in the comments. We will be very grateful, as we want to improve the service for choosing screensavers and wallpapers for screensaver on the screen of a mobile gadget.