Bright pictures 240x320 for phone №3

Pictures and wallpapers 240x320 for mobile (collection #3)

We keep updating our database with fresh pictures for your devices. This assembly contains pictures with a resolution of 240x320. If you have a phone with this extension, you can update your pet's wallpaper with new backgrounds. We hope you enjoy them. Don't forget to share your joy with others!

Resolution: 240x320 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 200 pcs

Pictures and wallpapers 240x320 for mobile (collection #3)


  • Archive format: *.rar
  • Wallpaper format: *.jpg
  • Number of images in the selection: 200 pieces
  • Compatibility: all phones with 240x320 screen resolution
  • Download: direct link from our server

Download pictures 240x320 (#3) (9.58 Mb)

Download images 240x320