Selection of high-quality 2K pictures 1440x2560 (Quad HD) №5

A selection of high quality 2K images 1440x2560 (Quad HD) pixels #5

We hope you have already downloaded pictures on our website with a resolution of 1440x2560 pixels. Don't keep you waiting for a batch of new 2K wallpapers or as I call it - Quad HD photos. So far, there are not very many images of this size, so there are only about 30 images in our selection. Among the topics, everything is standard: nature, cars, animals (cats and dogs), beautiful landscapes, cities and others.

Resolution: 1440x2560 | Format: JPG | Number of pictures: 30 pcs

A selection of high quality 2K images 1440x2560 (Quad HD) pixels #5


The archive is in ZIP format, which will allow you to download the selection directly to your smartphone. Plus, the archive is loaded from our server.

  • Archive format: *.zip
  • Image format: *.jpg
  • Number of images in the selection: 30 pieces
  • Compatibility: all phones with 1440x2560 screen resolution
  • Download: direct link from our server


Download pictures 1440x2560 (41.2 Mb)

Download images 1440x2560


If the selection of wallpapers for the screensaver on the screen 1440x2560 (which includes 30 pictures and numbered No. 5) is not available or the file hosting link is not working - write a comment with your e-mail or other contacts, we will update the links and send them to you by mail. Thank you!

We will be grateful if you leave a comment or a wish for the pictures in this collection! Write in the comments your wishes, reviews or other suggestions regarding pictures with a size of 1440x2560 pixels.